I’ve been involved in several different projects with ARG-tech, and the wider Discipline (formerly School) of Computing.

COUCH: Council of Coaches (2017-20)


The 3-year COUCH project is a European Project, funded under the Horizon-2020 framework, that aims to change the way we look at virtual coaching. The project will create an autonomous virtual council that can assist people in achieving their health goals.

More information is available from the Council of Coaches website

DrEAMS: Dialogue-based Exploration of Argument and Mediation Space (2013-16)

The 3-year DrEAMS project, funded by The Leverhulme Trust, aims to build a philosophically- and linguistically-grounded model of the mediation process, which will serve as a foundation for developing software tools that provide practical support to mediators in mapping and navigating the space of mediation.

More information is available from the DrEAMS project page.

Dialectical Argumentation Machines (DAM) (2009-12)

DAM was a £0.6m EPSRC-funded project which built the infrastructure for the Argument Web. My PhD in Argument Revision was funded by this project, and I implemented TOAST, an implementation of ASPIC+.

Online Visualisation of Argument (OVA) (2009)

The primary aim of OVA was to deploy tools for argument analysis and visualisation in an online environment. This led to the first version of the OVA analysis tool. Development of OVA was taken up by John Lawrence as part of the DAM project when I started my PhD.

Angus Articulation (2010)

A project away from ARG-tech whose aim was to help students of computing at Angus College articulate to advanced entry to Dundee’s BSc (Hons) Applied Computing degree.